All four cottages at Wuthering Heights have easy wheelchair access.

Of all the cottages, the most ideal for someone in a wheelchair or walking frame is:

Peppertree Corner

  • Sleeps four.
  • There is no step anywhere
  • The bathroom is very roomy, with separate shower and separate bath.
  • Grip rails in shower (2.5cm lip down into shower alcove).
  • Toilet chair lift chair.
  • Drive right up to the verandah, and walk right inside.
  • Access to use of all-terrain walker and ample moveability for wheelchairs and walkers indoors.

wheelchair access

Bronte Manor

  • Sleeps up to ten
  • Three bedrooms downstairs
  • Two bathrooms downstairs.

Entry via the front door is across gravel and slate. This can be a little uneven, however, inside, everything on the ground level with no small steps, even to the terrace which opens from the large kitchen.

One bathroom has a separate shower, on the flat (with no lip to get into it), whereas the other shower is over the bath.

Cathy’s Cottage

  • Sleeps two
  • Flat  throughout

You can drive your car up to the slate front verandah, and enter with no steps.

The bathroom is roomy, with a shower that has no lip.

Cathy's wheelchair access

Glen Morris

  • Sleeps four

Has a small step from where you can drive your car to the verandah.

It is also on the flat with a shower that has no step.

However, of the two, two-bedroom cottages, it is not as well suited to people with mobility issues as Peppertree Corner.